Thursday, October 8, 2009

biiig fan of au naturale

this is an example of the type of thing i want to be a part of.
i think Glamour magazine should be applauded for showing the public that beauty isn't just what is seen on the runways and in the media. these women are all exceptionally gorgeous, seriously, look at their faces they're stunning. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying i'm against any retouching or editing, but most photographers and publications take it way too far. i think that the people who deserve to be in spreads and on the covers of magazines should possess true beauty. companies like Dove & Nike just to name a couple have begun to embrace the "realness" and have launched
campaigns with curvier women. i'm not out to completely change the game, i think models are models because of the way clothes hang on them and how they work it, but taking things to either extreme (pin-thin or extremely overweight) is just unattractive. i really could go on for a lot longer about standards of beauty, what they were in the past, and the extent to which they have come, but i'll save that one for another day. for now, i just want to say good job Glamour.

from the november issue

the september issue

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