Tuesday, September 8, 2009

allow me to introduce myself

my interest in photography started years ago when i discovered boxes full of my mom's old photos. i fell in love with the ability to capture people's expressions and emotions at any given moment. cheesy? maybe, but it's true. i love how i'm able to pick up a photo and remember what was going on and how i felt at that moment. i believe that too many people these days take life's little pleasures and moments for granted, and photography helps preserve them.

with all that talk you would think i would choose wedding photography or event photography as my career, but no. i want to break into the competitive field of fashion photography. my dream is to eventually work for various fashion magazines shooting editorials and traveling all over the world. a girl wanting to work in fashion, how original right? my ultimate goal is to try and stir things up by changing the industry's view on what is beautiful. i feel like i have a fresh eye and a unique perspective on beauty that can help break molds that exist in the industry.

this is my first year at nova, but not of college. i went to old dominion university right after high school, but it just wasn't my thing. i made the great decision to take a year off from school and spent almost half a year living in sao paulo, brasil. i just got back about a month ago, and am very excited about being back at school, working my way towards my a.a.s. in photo and then into art school.

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