Wednesday, September 30, 2009

there's no subtlety when it comes to this one

The portrait I chose is entitled "Lusty Spring", shot by one of my very favorite photographers, David LaChapelle. This photo of the famous actress, Angelina Jolie, was shot in 2001. I’ve always been fascinated by LaChapelle’s work and the risks he takes. I would actually consider this one of his more modest images. In this photo, LaChapelle captures Jolie in a moment of pure ecstasy. She is nude in a field of flowers on a beautiful, cloudless day. To me, this image depicts pure bliss. It is an unconventional photo, especially of a celebrity such as Angelina. Rarely do you see people in the limelight let their guards down and let that moment be captured, but LaChapelle managed to do so, and he executed it quite beautifully. The subject is almost perfectly in the center of the photograph with just enough negative space around her. The way she is hunching her shoulders creates beautiful shadows from her collarbones and neck. The contrast of the color of her skin and the bright yellows, oranges, greens, and blues make the photo a captivating one. It almost looks like a still from a very pleasurable dream. The fact that she is in focus and the background, although vibrant, is blurry, really gives the photo dimension. LaChapelle is a great example of a contemporary portrait photographer who is not afraid of pushing the envelope. He began his career in the 80’s shooting for Interview Magazine and since then has been taking more daring and head-turning photographs. He has been published in various fashion magazines shooting editorials, but he is still best known for his portraits.

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